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Bus Duct

Busduct serves as the channel to deliver large scale electricity, for medium (up to 24kV) and low (380V) voltage.

Busduct uses solid copper or aluminium as conductor of electricity with cast resin isolator to provide water, rust, chemical and fire protection (up to 750 °C for 3 hours) as specified in IEC-60331-21, ensuring better power availability. The compact and matched indoor and outdoor installation ease site installation process, eliminating the requirement of adaptors.

At Adidaya, our expert team engineers busduct to reduce project cost and save space, allowing for faster and timely project completion.

Applications of Busduct

Busduct is an ideal current carrier in electrical system where large current carrying capacity is necessary. Busduct which is commonly used to connect:

  • Big Generator to Generator Circuit Breaker (GCB)
  • GCB to Transformer (TR)
  • Transformer to MV Switchgear or LV Switchgear
  • LV Swichgear to riser for high-rise building

Types of Busduct

Bus duct are customized current carrier of high-purity solid conductor material. Busduct can be constructed from solid copper (Cu) or aluminium (Al). Busduct can also be classified into the following types:

  • IPB (Insulated Phase Busduct): Commonly used as very large current carrier (exceeding 10kA) for MV applications.
  • Sandwich type busduct
  • Fully cast resin busduct
  • Non Segregated Phase Busduct (NSPB)

For power plants, especially those with capacity exceeding 100MW IPB (Insulated Phase Busduct) is used to carry current from Generator to Generator Circuit Breaker (GCB) and power transformer.

For secondary distribution, depending on site conditions, other types of busduct such as fully cast resin or sandwich type can be used.

Specific Busducts

Careful selection of busduct is necessary to ensure that the busduct employed is fit for the application. Some of specific busduct applications include:

  • Hazardous area
  • Dusty area
  • Rusty area
  • High rise building
  • Out door use

To accomodate the varying applications, bus ducts is constructed from widely differing shapes and materials that serve different purposes. At Adidaya, we partner with highest quality manufacturers to specifically handle each purpose of busduct installation. Our expert engineers can help you engineer and install busduct system that is most suitable for your project.